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Patient Portal

Email your doctor, receive and review your lab results, and obtain your medical records via a secure online portal.

The Quest Diagnostics Patient Portal allows patients to access their medical records and communicate with their doctor electronically through a secure system. In order to register for the Patient Portal, a PIN number will be generated and provided to you during your initial appointment. Please activate your account within 48 hours of your visit. This enables the doctor to serve you in a timely manner. 

Your doctor will send you lab results and other pertinent health information through your Patient Portal. The Patient Portal also allows for direct communication between patients and physicians with its secure email feature.

Please do not use your Patient Portal for medical emergencies, or any other urgent matter. The Patient Portal is not a replacement for a doctor's appointment. Major health concerns should be discussed with your doctor during your office visit.

Need help registering?

Follow these instructions.


Physicians' Direct Email Address

Please email your doctor using your Patient Portal. Messages sent by Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc., are not received.

Stephen E. Weinroth, MD

Jane H. Pollner, MD

Murliya D. Gowda, MD

Gelareh K. Alavi, MD

Alexander U. Bagasra, MD

Trevor M. Uyemura, MD

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